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Fall 2017 Fishbowl Friday RECAP!

Students pose in their halloween costumes

During the Fall 2017 semester, Global UCF introduced a new series of events for Global UCF staff, students, and alumni. These events were called Fishbowl Fridays and were held in the Global Commons area, which is also referred to as the fishbowl. Our Fishbowl Friday events brought students together and helped them engage with staff and fellow students. Each event had a main theme and as a bonus there was free food for anyone who stopped by. Here is a recap of all the events that were held during the Fall!

GUCF Fishbowl Friday Music

One of our Student Services Advisors, Ben Kibler, kicked off Fishbowl Friday with a music jam session and taco night. This event was meant to allow students to talk about music and play instruments with their friends. Ben brought many different instruments for students to learn and play together, including acoustic and electric guitars, a keyboard, microphones, and speakers. Many of our students gathered to play and sing songs from classic rock to Justin Bieber. Mexican food was also catered to students including tacos and burritos. Plenty of students turned out to this event and it was a great start to the upcoming weeks of fun events!

GUCF Fishbowl Friday Puppy Destress

Our second event was hosted by Kelly Brussel and Erum Qureshi, who brought a variety of board games and video games for students to play at the tables and on the TV in Global Commons. Students dueled it out playing Mario Kart, brought out the suspense while playing jenga, and some joined for a tough game of Uno!

Laura Suarez and Tara LaCroix hosted a puppy de-stress event that melted many hearts. Puppies from a local adoption center were brought in for students to pet and play all afternoon. This event was held just in time for midterms and students were able to take a break from their studying and de-stress as they played with the puppies and fed them dog treats. The puppies were incredibly curious as they explored Global Commons and attracted plenty of attention from passing students.

For the last Friday in October, Lisa Beeson and Emily Bombardi hosted a Halloween Spooktacular Party. This event had a costume contest where students voted on which staff member had the best costume. It was a tough battle for best costume and ultimately Career Accelerator Advisor, Erica Reynoso, was chosen as the winner. The entire Global Commons was turned into a haunted house and there were many photo opportunities and fun games for students to play. Games included a mummy wrapping contest where students had to make a mummy out of their friends by wrapping them in toilet paper. The students who used the most toilet paper to make the best mummy in the given time were declared the winner. There was also a mystery guessing game where students had to guess what mystery food/concoction was in a box. Food also included vampire teeth donuts, a cheese board, chips and guacamole, and more. GUCF Fishbowl Friday Halloween Party

Our final Fishbowl Friday was hosted by Dr. Olga Bedoya and Alina Siddiqui, with a little help from Global UCF alum, Dasha Kudryasheva! The event was called Art Attack and was set in an art-class style where students learned how to draw a dragon. Dasha is majoring in Character Animation and gave a step-by-step drawing demonstration with basic shapes to help students reach their inner Picasso. Snacks were also provided and we were all impressed with the results. In case you missed it, you can check out a time-lapse video of the event here:

These events were meant to engage students and staff. Fishbowl Fridays is one of the many events hosted by Global UCF to give students an engaging American university experience. More of these events will be featured in the Spring 2018 semester, and we hope to see more students there! If you liked these events or have any photos you’d like to share, tag us on social media with the hashtag #GlobalKnights!

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