Orientation Week, Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Orientation Week – Ismail Albalushi

GUCF Ismail

Ismail Albalushi is a Global UCF student from Oman who shared his experiences from orientation week with us! If you’d like to read more about orientation, check out one of our previous blog posts.

Orientation Week - Ismail

Tell me a little bit about how orientation was for you. Was it everything you expected it to be? Was there anything you liked or didn’t like?

Honestly, everything was more than I expected. I thought that during orientation we would have to depend on ourselves, but when I came here, everyone was friendly and everything went smoothly. From day one everyone was here to help us and even if we needed to go to somewhere else, like making our UCF ID cards or things like that, everyone was here for us. They helped us complete everything during that first week.

Did you make any friends during orientation week?

I made most of my friends at orientation. The rest of them I met in classes and at Towers. Some are from Pakistan, some are from Russia, someone is from Brazil, and of course from USA.

Do you see them often and have classes with them?

Some of them I see often, because we all live on campus, and some I see in class. We hang out a lot, especially in the evenings, because that’s when we are all free. We go to restaurants, or sometimes we go to the theaters or movies.

What was your favorite part about orientation?

My favorite part, to be honest, was the free food. We did a lot of activities, like going to different places around campus, solve puzzles and take group pictures at each location and come back. I loved group projects, because then it’s easier for us to understand each other and learn about each other.

Did you get to know a lot about the staff that work here?

Yes, and I remember almost all of their names.

Was there any point in the orientation process that you think might have been hard for you to understand? 

I think the environment was a little bit hard because it was our first time on campus. And the rest was easy; really easy.

Was it hard to find a solution to whatever problem you were having?

No – we just had to call one number, and they gave us all the solutions. So, if I have a problem, I just call them or stop by the office and they help me solve my problem. Like earlier today, I had the problem with my classes and I just went to my advisor and he solved it in 5 minutes.

How you describe campus culture to a student who is thinking about coming to UCF?

Yes, if someone is looking for a good weather and a large campus, I would suggest the University of Central Florida. I think everything is perfect here, from the weather, to the teachers, to the students because even the students are very kind and polite. I really did not expect this, I never thought that they would be this kind. They love people, and they love to know about each other. They respect each other and their cultures.


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