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Your Pre-Career Expo Checklist

UCF Spring 2018 Career Expo

The University of Central Florida hosts its semi-annual Career Expo during the fall and spring semesters. Students and alumni get the opportunity to talk to over 250 local, national, and international companies and recruiters in hopes of landing a job or internship. This event is also a great way for students to expand their professional networks by talking to potential employers.

The Career Expo can be overwhelming to students who are attending for the first time, so we have compiled a checklist for students to help them prepare for the event!

  1. Visit the Career Expo website and go through the list of attending employers. Take the time to research the employers going there and make a list of who you plan to talk to. Research the companies and think of questions you might want to ask them, and use the information you find to help develop your elevator pitch for that company.
  2. Speaking of elevator pitches, develop your pitch. An elevator pitch is a 15- or 30-second commercial that tells the person who you are, what makes you unique, and what benefits you bring to this company. Tie your skills to the needs of potential employers by highlighting what you may know about the company or brand, and the experiences you have in that field.
  3. Polish up your resume and consider a mock interview. Getting your resume checked by professionals, preferably several, before a career expo is always a good idea. It helps you make sure you have the proper information and correct formatting that makes it easy for employers to know what experience you have. Don’t forget to print out several copies to hand out to employers as well. Some companies also interview students at the expo to see if you’re prepared and really determined to work for that company. If you’d like to polish up your interviewing skills, you can always set up a mock interview with Career Services, or our very own Career Accelerator Advisor, beforehand.
  4. Attend the workshop for Preparing for the Career Expo. Career Services hosts plenty of workshops to help you prepare for the Expo during Career Readiness Week, but in case you couldn’t make it to some of the events, Career Services is hosting one final event on Monday, February 5th at 2pm. This workshop will help you prepare for the Career Expo and tell you all about what employers expect you to know before, during, and after the event.
  5. Dress Professionally. You won’t be let into the CFE Arena unless you are dressed in professional business attire. Career Services has a guide for what is considered business professional – they even have a helpful video that you can reference while picking out your outfit. Remember to make sure you have a well fitted suit, and in case you’re prone to sweaty hands, carry a handkerchief with you.

The Spring 2018 Career Expo will be held on February 6th, 2018, in the CFE Arena from 10AM until 3PM.  The Expo is a great place to help you gain experience talking to professionals, learning about new companies and inquire about any positions in which you might be interested. Global UCF’s Career Accelerator helps students develop themselves professionally, and is catered specifically to Global UCF students. The Career Accelerator offers services such as mock interviews, resume building, career planning, and much more! Make an appointment today!

UCF Spring 2018 Career Expo

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