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Next steps after attending the UCF Career Expo

So, you’ve attended the UCF Career Expo, great! We hope you got a chance to collect some business cards and hand out your resumes but you aren’t done yet! What happens after the Career Expo is just as important as preparing for it beforehand. In case you missed it, we created a checklist to help students prepare for the Career Expo, be sure to check that out before you head over to any Career Expo or even Internship Fair. We’ve also compiled a list of tips to help you properly follow up with any employers you got to network with and what you should do after the Career Expo.

1. Follow up with everyone you networked with. If you got someone’s business card, LinkedIn contact, or even the name of their business, take the time to follow up and thank them for their time, interest, and for helping you in your job search. Hand written note cards are the most effective and leave the biggest impression on employers, but you can also send an email or make a phone call. Make sure you follow up within one or two days after the expo. Recruiters see a large number of resumes and students during these events so they may not remember you if you follow up later than that. Include something specific you talked about with the recruiter to help them remember who you are.

2. Maintain your connections. Send a note or an email occasionally to recruiters to show your continued interest in their companies, and learn more up the next steps in the process. Take the time to try to get to know these recruiters too – ask them questions about the company, and with time they might connect you to people who could help you obtain your dream job.

3. Reflect on your experiences at the Expo. It’s important to reflect on your approach, your execution, and how you managed yourself so you can prepare and make improvements for the next expo. Ask yourself a few questions:

a. How well did I prepare for it?
b. Did I get to network with all my desired employers?
c. What could I have done differently?

4. Continue your job search. The Career Expo is a great way to get your foot in the door, but don’t think this is the last step in finding a job. Continue your job search and find other ways to generate job leads, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Handshake,  job postings, or other networking events. Always keep your options open and continue networking.

The Career Expo is a great event for UCF student to explore job opportunities and meet recruiters for a variety of companies. We understand the first time attending an Expo like this could be intimidating but the experience is always great for students to have. It’s important to utilize resources such as the Career Accelerator and Career Services who help support students and provide helpful advice throughout the job search process. You can make an appointment with your Career Accelerator here! We hope to see you at the next Career Expo, or even at the upcoming Internship and Co-Op Fair!

UCF Internship and Co-Op Fair

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