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Global UCF’s Global Ambassador Program (GAP) is a voluntary leadership position open to current Global UCF students. GAP allows our students to work with their fellow peers to create meaningful and impactful cultural and social programs for the semester. During the Spring 2018 semester, these students planned the 1st Global UCF International Food Festival. This festival was entirely planned by four students, Mudit, Anisia, Velda and Arsalan under the guidance of their Student Services Advisor, RJ. We set down with Mudit, one of our Global Ambassadors from India, and he talked about his experience during the process.

GUCF Global Ambassadors

“We had the idea of planning an event, but we wanted to include American students with us too. We made it an international event because we’re global — and global means everyone — so we went with an event that had a lot of countries involved. We decided to make it about food because everyone likes food, and anytime someone sees food they want to come over. Then we had to figure out which countries wanted to participate and asked all of our friends if they could participate too. We reached out to the Office of Student Involvement for help finding tables and tents, and also learned that the CFE Arena rents out tables too. For each of the countries that were participating we got flags, food, and music, and quickly the whole event came together.”

The countries that students got a taste of included Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, and Ukraine.

“I think the feedback was good. My friends were pretty happy. When I got back to my room, my roommate was like ‘So, when’s your next event? If you guys need any help, I’m ready to help.’ And I was like ‘oh, that’s so cool!’ Since then, many others have already reached out because they want to get involved for next time,” said Mudit.

“My favorite part about the whole process was meeting new people. We made a lot of social connections at the event with domestic students and more of our global students.”

We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future, and we’ll be bringing back the Global UCF International Food Festival next Fall 2018 too! If you would like to get involved in events like this, talk to your advisor and/or apply to be in our Global Ambassador Program by clicking here! To see all the photos we took at the event check out our Facebook page!

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