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Fang Liu, China

Studying: Engineering Management

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Julia Vashchenko youtube video

Julia Vashchenko, Russia

Studying: Electrical Engineering

Eyisi Chiebuka youtube video

Eyisi Chiebuka, Nigeria

Studying: Healthcare Administration

Duc Bui youtube video

Duc Bui, Vietnam

Studying: Finance

Fernando Nunez Esquiaqui youtube video

Fernando Nunez Esquiaqui, Colombia

Studying: International Global Studies

Yu-Chun Lin youtube video

Yu-Chun Lin, Taiwan

Studying: Electrical Engineering

Nebat Ibrahim youtube video

Nebat Ibrahim, Ethiopia

Studying: Biomedical Sciences

Matthew Gorion youtube video

Matthew Gorion, Philippines

Studying: Industrial Engineering

Siavash Haghtalab youtube video

Siavash Haghtalab, Iran

Studying: Industrial Engineering

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