Learning, friendship and fun

The main University of Central Florida campus is more than just a top place to get your degree. UCF’s campus is also in the middle of great culture, entertainment and work opportunities. It’s just east of downtown Orlando, so you get both the excitement of the city with the unique environment of a U.S. college campus.

UCF campus highlights

  • 21 kilometers from downtown Orlando
  • Modern and convenient student housing
  • Advanced laboratories and other facilities
  • Nearly 6 km2 big, including lots of green outdoor areas
  • Free shuttles for on-campus and off-campus travel
  • Culture, entertainment, sports and more

Traveling around campus

Whether you’re going to class, meeting friends to study or finding something to eat, it’s easy to get around UCF’s main campus.



Enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air! You can walk from your apartment in The Towers to class in about ten minutes.



Riding a bicycle is an easy and healthy way to travel around campus. Fun fact: there are more than 6,500 spaces for bicycles throughout campus.


Shuttle buses

UCF offers free shuttles for on-campus, off-campus, grocery shopping, home football games and more.

Safety comes first

To help you get the best U.S. university experience possible, UCF emphasizes safety and security on campus. Here are just a few of the programs and features available to all UCF students.

KnightLYNX late night bus

This free bus service for UCF students includes two routes that travel throughout the university community. They run from 20:00 to 3:00 on Friday and Saturday nights.

Building security

Access to residences is limited to residents and their guests. Safety measures include ID card access and residence life staff for security, as well as patrols by UCF Police Officers.

Safe Escort Patrol Service

Walking home from studying at night? You can get safe escort from a fellow student trained by the UCF Police Department. You can also get a police officer escort any time of day or night.

UCF Police Department

This accredited, full-service police department specifically serves the UCF community. They take campus and student safety very seriously, and have implemented many safety programs and features.

Staying active and healthy

UCF offers a variety of resources to help students feel their best. Without even leaving campus, you can work up a sweat, get counseling or visit a doctor.

Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC)

The Recreation and Wellness Center features state-of-the-art facilities, including exercise machines, a weight room, a rock climbing wall, tennis courts and pools.

Counseling services

UCF offers a variety of confidential and personalized services. For instance, individual therapy sessions, group counseling, crisis counseling, life coaching and other services.

Main Health Center

The Main Health Center provides primary, specialty and dental care. The onsite pharmacy offers discount prescription, over-the-counter drugs and more.

Health insurance information

Wondering what’s included when you get health insurance in the U.S.? Check out this helpful health insurance information for international students like you.

Want to make friends on campus?

UCF has 28 student organizations specifically with a cultural or international focus, like the Asian Student Association, the Latin American Student Association and the Saudi Students Association.